Architecting the Future of Web3 Gaming.


Tribe Aims to Utilize All the Key Learnings of Web3

Embrace The Power of NFT's
NFTs will serve as the core foundation of our product design. This means truly generative player avatars with unique visual traits and battle stats.
Compounding Ecosystems
In Holders We Trust. Our goal is to build enduring games that deliver layers of ownership to our holders. We have a few tricks up our sleeves.
Web Based Gameplay
Almost all blockchain activity is currently run on browsers. Our initial games will be optimized for web gameplay & expand to other platforms.
Innovative Smart Contract
We are still so early in leveraging the full power of the blockchain. Our goal is to unlock new game mechanics in a gas efficient manner.
Deep Brand & Storytelling
We want to expand our Tribe with immersive stories and interactive experiences. We plan to explore mediums like Audio, Print, Video & Merch.

An enchanted world built for NFT collectors and consumers. Join our Tribe and prepare for a story based experience that introduces the world to the Lost Realms. Followers must adhere to the Oracle who serves as their guide to the vast unknown.

Our product experience will unlock innovative on-chain and crypto enabled experiences including Generative NFT's, gamified core loops, and a world of true ownership. Are you ready to pledge your soul and defend the bloodline?

Fury is a next-generation simulation racing MMO pushing the boundaries of web3 ownership and composability. We are unlocking the future of digital racing ownership via blockchain technology.

Our Genesis Collection will include ERC-721 tokens that serve as the foundational value layer in Fury. Access our race world and collect, sell, purchase and trade your way up to the top of the leaderboard. Enjoy a composable world where users can engage in multiplayer gameplay with real risks & rewards.

Join Our Tribe & Be At The Frontier of Web3 Entertainment